Financial Assistance

The Y is for All Community Members

Everyone belongs at the Y, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to ensuring every community member, has access to our Y. Our Financial Assistance program enables all individuals and families to become active members and participants at a rate that fits their budgets. This program is possible thanks to the many generous donors who support the YMCA’s Strong Kids Strong Communities Annual Campaign —100% of donations made to the Y help support kids, adults and families in our communities.

How long will the financial assistance continue?

Need for financial assistance is reassessed annually depending on the situation and is based on the calendar year.


How will the financial assistance amount be determined?

We have a fee scale, based on total household income and number of dependents, which assists in determining the amount of financial assistance you qualify for. We also consider special circumstances such as medical expenses or loss of employment.


In order to process your application, we need the following:

1. Proof of ALL household income, which includes:

  • Copy of last year’s Tax Form 1040 – If you did not file taxes, submit a letter explaining your financial situation.
  • Copy of your last 2 (two) pay stubs – Or verification of income from your employer, we will need verification of your spouse’s income if you are married.
  • Verification of social security or disability checks – A letter or a copy of your bank statement showing the amount of the automatic monthly deposit.
  •  Copy of a statement verifying any dollar amount of State, Federal, or other assistance you receive – Such as food stamps, unemployment, etc.
  • Verification of any child support you receive.

2. Copy of photo ID for each adult on the membership.

3. Proof of all legal dependents – Tax form 1040, birth certificate, or adoption /custody papers etc. Adult children up to age 25 may be on their parent’s family membership with either proof of full time student status or if the children appear on the tax form 1040.

4. Complete the Assistance Application and Income Worksheet – Applications must be complete.

Important Information: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

How much will I pay? Assistance is awarded using a sliding scale designed to fit your financial situation. The amount of assistance you receive will be based on your gross income, and the number of dependents (based on IRS tax standards) in your household. There are no full scholarships.

If you qualify, your assistance will be a discount amount between 10% and 50% off of the one time join fee and monthly membership fees.

Once you are a member, you can also use your discount on program fees. The maximum discount on programs is 50%.

The discount amount will come off of the member rate. To open your membership you will need to pay your join fee and the first month of dues.

How will I know if I qualify? Once your application is reviewed you will receive a phone call. If we cannot reach you, a letter will be sent to you. If your application is not complete, you will receive a phone call or letter to inform you of what is needed to process your application. Once you return the requested information, it may take up to an additional week to process. Incomplete applications will only be kept on file for 1 month. Please contact us immediately if your phone number or address changes. Applications are processed in the order that they are received. You will be contacted as soon as possible. You have 30 days from the day that you are contacted to come open your membership. After 30 days, the file will be destroyed and you will need to reapply.