The Jackson YMCA ORCA Swim Team is a fun swim program for youth ages   5-17 to improve swim strokes and learn to swim competitively.   The philosophy of YMCA swimming is that, “Everybody swims, everybody wins.”  This means that we value participation as much as performance.  The Jackson YMCA Orca’s swim team emphasizes the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, but we also place value on team and individual accomplishments. The team competes against other YMCA’s through dual, invitational, conference and state meets.  YMCA of the USA does require that all participants hold current memberships for at least 30 days prior to their first competition. For children under 8 years of age they must be able to swim half the length of the pool without touching the sides or with the use of any flotation devices, as well as being comfortable in deep water.

What Do I Need to Know?
It’s pretty simple really.  We have practice available 5 nights a week to accommodate your schedule as best as possible.  If this is your swimmer’s first year they really shouldn’t try to be at more than 3 practices per week tops! Can your swimmer make a lap in the pool?  Then we can work with them no problem! How many meets should your swimmer go to?  There is no requirement, we have many meets on the schedule to make sure there are some that fit your schedule but they must be a member of the Y for 1 month prior to their 1st meet.  The only requirements are for the “A” or “B” clusters at the end of the year.  Your swimmer must have competed in 3 meets during the year to qualify for these.  Also, the state meets require 3 previous meets as well (and a cut off time for 9 years and above)

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