Register Here

Some Information About Registering

  • When you register online, you must pay with a credit card.
  • In order to be able to register online, the participating person must already be in our computer system and have been registered for a program at the YMCA within the last 12 months. If he/she is new to the YMCA, the initial registration must be done in person at the YMCA. After he/she is set up in the system, registration online is possible.
  • When you click on the “register” button above, it will take you out of the Jackson YMCA website and into our secure online registration software.
  • If you have participated in YMCA programs in the past 12 months, but haven’t yet registered online, you will need to set up a password. To search for your online account, the computer will ask for your last name, date of birth and zip code. This information must match what we have on file. If your account can not be found, you are either not currently in our system or the information we have is out of date. If you are sure that the program participant has been involved in YMCA programs within the past 12 months, please call the YMCA.
  • All youth programs for children 3 and older are to be registered in the child’s name. If you are registering for programs that are “parent/child” (youth under 3 years), you should register in the parents name.