Swim Team

The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to national competitor.

Through the best coaching at all ability levels, each swimmer is given the opportunity to achieve competitive success at the highest levels. Our focus on team values and a sense of community within our swim family propels the team to achieve its visions. The coaching staff creates an environment that nurtures teamwork, friendship, fun, healthy competition, good sportsmanship and a strong sense of team.

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Q: When is practice?

A: 4-5 nights per week to choose from depending on pool availability.

Q: Where is practice? 

A: Practices at the YMCA or Jackson High School.

Q:   When are Seasons and how do we join?

A:  The orcas swim nearly year round taking the months of April and August off.  To join the team your swimmer must first tryout.  If the swimmer passes tryout they will need to be a member of the Y whether on a family membership or a youth membership.  Membership fees are located on the Y website.  There is also a registration and monthly fee for the swim team.  These fees can be located under the “Register” tab on the Y website.

Q:   When are tryouts?

A:   Your swimmer can tryout at any practice.  Come to the beginning of practice so the coach can evaluate your swimmer during warm-up.  If your swimmer can do 1 length of freestyle, face down, while breathing to the side, they can join the team!  We will instruct all other strokes.  If your swimmer completes the tryout they are welcome to stay for the remainder of practice and even try one more practice before you register to make sure that swim team is really something they want to do before paying.

Q:  What should my swimmer wear?

A:  For practice or tryout any normal swimsuit is fine.  We recommend that they are not loose as that makes it more difficult for the swimmers.  In competition both male and female swimmers must wear a one-piece suit.  Men's swimsuits may maximally cover the area from the navel to the knee, and women's counterparts from the shoulder to the knee.  Swimmers should also have a pair of goggles.  If a swimmer joins the team we will provide a team swim cap if they wish to wear a cap.

Q:  Does my swimmer need to attend all practices?

A:  No, there are 4 nights a week available to fit all schedules.  You attend as many as you would like or are able.

Q:  Does my swimmer have to attend meets?

A:  The main reasons for being on a swim team are getting great exercise and competing in order to measure improvement.  That being said, there are NO team requirements for attending meets.  In order to compete in end of season championship meets YUSA requires that the swimmer competes in 3 regular season meets.  For our main season (September-March) we generally have 9-10 meets to choose from so there are plenty of opportunities!

Q:   When can we sign our swimmer up?

A:   We have 2 seasons each year, the Summer season and the Fall/Winter season.  Summer season runs from May 1st to July 31st.  The Fall/Winter season starts the 2nd week of September through March 31st.  You can sign up at any time of any season.  Does your swimmer play soccer in the fall?  You can sign up in October.  Do they play a spring sport?  They can register in June.  The bottom line is that you can sign up at any time during a season.

Q:   What if my swimmer wants to compete for their school?

A:  We highly encourage our swimmers to swim for their school when possible.  Middle school typically swims in November and December.  You can swim for the Y September-October, leave for the school season, and return in January to pick up the remainder of the Y season!  High School girls swim until November but can then come to the Y to finish the remainder of the Y season.  The High schools boys swim from late November through February but can start at the Y.  MHSAA allows school swimmers to swim up to 2 club meets during their regular season.  This allows swimmers to gain the 3 meet minimum for championships more easily.  Your swimmer does not need to be registered with the Y team to go to a meet during their school season however, YUSA rules require that they are members of the YMCA to attend a meet.

Q:  More questions?

A:  Feel free to contact Coach Adam at orcaswimteam@jacksonYMCA.org!