Turning Point Program


Turning Point is an exciting health and wellness program designed for breast cancer patients and survivors, made possible by local grants, funding from the Strong Kids Strong Communities campaign of the Jackson YMCA and also Susan G. Komen of Michigan.

The program is for breast cancer patients and survivors and supports their physical and emotional health to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and to improve their long-term quality of life.

Class activities focus on stress reduction, increased physical functioning, lowering levels of fatigue, and improving quality of life.

Activities take place in a supportive group environment under the guidance of trained instructors.

PROGRAM DETAILS: The Turning Point classes are free for all breast cancer survivors regardless of when the participant was diagnosed. Survivors within 5 years of diagnosis are eligible to receive a free membership to the Jackson YMCA for 1 year upon registering for the Turning Point program. Those participants receiving the free membership must attend at least 4 Turning Point exercise classes per month to stay eligible.

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS AQUA FITNESS: Class will utilize both the therapeutic pool and the large pool. Primary focus is low impact cardio, strength, toning, balance and flexibility. Participants must have doctor’s approval to participate in aqua fitness classes.

STRENGTH & STRETCH AND CARDIO DRUM/TONE: Each class includes warm-up, strength training, cardio vascular exercise, stretching and a cool-down. The type of cardio may vary each week. YOGA: Class will focus on calming the mind and body while incorporating stretching and strengthening poses.


FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Christine Gensel christine@jacksonymca.org