Support Your Community: Donate to the Jackson YMCA

The Jackson YMCA has been lifting the bodies and spirits of the community while instilling it with core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring for over 110 years. Donations from the citizens of Jackson have allowed the YMCA to continually provide its services to the community. There are an endless number of ways to support the Jackson YMCA. Some of the most common donation methods are listed below.

Strong Kids Strong Community Annual Campaign

Each year, thousands of kids learn to play and compete in youth sports leagues, go to summer day camp, learn new skills and make new friends at the YMCA. The Jackson YMCA’s annual Strong Kids Strong Community Campaign ensures that no one is denied the opportunity to share in the YMCA experience due to an inability to pay. Your donation to the Strong Kids Strong Community Campaign changes lives. As a supporter of the campaign, your gift benefits children and their families by making YMCA memberships and programs available to everyone. For over 110 years, our Jackson YMCA has been building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. As the requests for programs increase, so does the need for funds to provide these services. Your donation is an investment in our community and all dollars raised by the local community stay in the community to support kids and families. Your contribution will open our doors to those kids whose families qualify for financial assistance. Your generosity will open our doors to:

Planned Giving

Making a planned gift to the Jackson YMCA offers a simple, yet flexible way to combine philanthropy with financial planning. In fact, a planned gift may help you give more to the YMCA than you thought possible while still providing you or someone you designate with favorable financial and/or tax benefits. While each planned gift is different, these gifts can offer significant financial or tax benefits while ensuring that future generations will enjoy the Jackson YMCA. To meet your specific needs, a variety of gift options are available: Endowments Giving By Will Gifts through a will are the most common planned gifts and are very important to the YMCA’s future. While there are no immediate tax advantages, such a gift to the Jackson YMCA can help reduce estate taxes. There are two types of bequests that you can make.

  • Restricted – A restricted bequest claims the gift for use at the discretion of the donor. There are two types of a restricted bequest:
    • Restricted Program/Scholarship Fund
    • Restricted Facilities/Maintenance Fund
  • Unrestricted – An unrestricted bequest means that the assets can be used for whatever is needed most at the time.

Life Insurance A gift of Life Insurance generates a charitable tax deduction for the year in which it is given, provided the YMCA is named owner and beneficiary of the policy. The deduction may be equal to the policy’s cash surrender value. Subsequent premium payments are also deductible. Real Estate Rather than leaving the YMCA your home or farm through a will, it is possible to transfer the title now, claim a sizeable tax deduction from current income and continue to reside on the property for the rest of your life. Real Estate can also be used to fund a Gift Annuity or a Unitrust, thus converting a highly-appreciated, non-income producing asset into a new income flow with many favorable tax savings and benefits. Other Gift Options

  • Hard Money
  • Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds

The Jackson YMCA Heritage Club By giving to the Jackson YMCA, you are eligible to become a member of the prestigious Heritage Club. The support of the Heritage Club members has been extremely significant to the past successes of the YMCA and continued support is needed to maintain the organization’s mission. The club’s annual meeting is a very special event. If you have included the YMCA in your will, please let us know so we can include your name as a member of the Heritage Club.

Capital Gifts

Jackson YMCA Capital Campaign The Jackson YMCA periodically conducts capital campaigns aimed at improving/expanding our facilities. You can help us provide better provisions for the community by donating your gift to a Jackson YMCA capital campaign.